Frontend Development as a Subscription

Swap inconsistent freelancers and costly agencies for a fixed monthly fee. We deliver quickly and you only pay for what you need.

Get the expertise of 3 senior developers from just £2,495/month and save over £200K per year on salaries alone.

We have worked with some amazing people

“Farzad has been a superb addition to the team over the last few months. From a skills perspective he's been faultless and above expectation. In terms of behaviours the team have commented on more than one occasion about how supportive and collaborative he has been, We're looking forward to working with him again.”

Gemma Handley
MediaCom North Group

“I've had the pleasure of working with Alex over three different stints and I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a front end developer of the highest calibre. He's shown himself to be a difference maker able to take on complex problems on both brownfield and greenfield projects and deliver software that customer love and is easily maintained. Any team or organisation would be fortunate to have Alex onboard.”

Arwel Griffith

“Alex completed a contract for us and stood out not just technically but also with his ability to interact with the teams around him. He certainly brings the soft skills required to quickly identify problems and work with those around him to get the job done.”

Michael Cullen

“We have been working with Farzad intermittently over the last two years and to say we wouldn`t be where we are without him is an understatement. He has offered us his professional opinion/direction at every step which has proven to be invaluable. A professional to work from the outset with whom we hope to have a long working relationship with in the future.”

Conor Mahon

“Alex is a versatile developer. He quickly grasps how applications work and will work to improve applications as he makes changes. He can communicate with technical and non-technical staff at all levels. He is also great at coaching more junior team members. Alex is always looking to improve the way things work be that technically or ways of working. He’s an asset to any team and would wholeheartedly recommend him.”

Faiza Mohammad

“When I worked with Alex, I found him to be an exceptionally talented developer as well as a joy to work with. It was very inspiring for me, early in my career, to learn from a developer who was confident and efficient whether he was tackling complex, legacy code or adapting to new and innovative technologies. He quickly became known as the go-to guy for his broad-spanning insight and his ability to solve massive problems under pressure. His contributions to our team were pivotal and a main factor in our success.”

Juliette Curran

How does it work?

1. The request

Add tasks to your private trello board or tag us in your ticket system. We'll work through them in order one at a time.

2. The approval

Once you have approved the work, we'll pick up the next task. If you have any change requests, we'll work on them until you're happy.

3. All done?

If you run out of tasks, you can pause your subscription. For example if you use 10 days of work in a month, you can pause your subscription and save the remaining 10 days for the next month.

What kind of work is suitable for GhostDevs?

We offer a range of services. From all your heavy lifting needs to repetitive tasks. New projects or just feature requests, we have you covered!

Pull Request Reviews

Maintaining a productive pull request cadence is essential for your team's efficiency. Allow your in-house senior developers to concentrate on growing your business while we assist you in keeping your pull requests moving.

Incremental Rewrites

Refactors are crucial for maintaining a healthy codebase, but they can consume time and pose risks. We can assist you in gradually updating your codebase without impeding the delivery of new features.

Improving Tests

Slipped on testing? We understand – it happens. However, it's never too late to catch up. We'll help you initiate testing or enhance your coverage. Establishing a strong testing foundation will enable you to deliver features faster and with greater confidence.

New Components

In need of a new component? We're here to support you in its development. Just provide us with the design and specifications, and we'll construct it for you – including writing the necessary tests.

Package Upgrades

Delegate mundane tasks like package upgrades to us. Ensure that your application remains up to date with the latest security patches and features.

Project Setup

We can configure new projects for you, assisting in selecting the appropriate packages and architecture that align with your project's requirements, enabling a swift start.


Integrating internationalization into an application after the fact can be challenging. We'll meticulously go through each file, incorporating i18n into your application.

Bug Fixes

Encountering bugs? We'll resolve them for you. Simply provide us with a description of the issue, and we'll eliminate it.

Small Feature Additions

Do you require modifications to an existing feature? Let your team concentrate on developing new features; we'll take care of the minor tasks.

Can't find what you're looking for?
Our Create package gives you a dedicated full-time developer and is suitable for projects of all sizes.

Meet the team

With over 45 years of combined experience, your new team is ready to tackle anything you throw at them.

Pricing plans for businesses of all sizes


Access to a team of experienced developers to support your business. This plan is designed for small businesses that need a little extra help.


Get started
  • Minimum 5 days of work per month
  • One request at a time
  • Average 2 days per request
  • Work on your tasks every day
  • Bring your own tools, JIRA etc


Most popular

The perfect plan for small to medium sized teams. Great for burstable workloads or teams that don't need a full time developer.


Get started
  • Minimum 10 days of work per month
  • One request at a time
  • Average 2 days per request
  • Work on your tasks every day
  • Bring your own tools, JIRA etc


Get a dedicated developer for your business. This plan is designed for large projects with continuous development.


Get started
  • Minimum 20 days of work per month
  • Two requests at a time
  • Average 2 days per request
  • Work on your tasks every day
  • Bring your own tools, JIRA etc

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